I was very excited to find organic Cavalo Nero in my local store this week so decided on a green smoothie before training.

Plenty of electrolytes from cucumber and coconut water, energy and satiety from banana, almond milk and Maca. Finally Cavalo Nero, lemon, ginger and coriander, all fantastic sources of antioxidants needed to deal with the increased oxidative stress damage from the exercise. Hemp protein powder aids recovery.



1/4 Cucumber

1/2 Green organic banana with skin

1/4cup Almond milk

1tsp Maca

Hf Cavalo Nero

1/4-1/2 Organic unwaxed lemon

1-2-1inch Ginger

Hf Coriander

1-2tbsp Hemp protein powder

  1. Blend blend blend and Enjoy!

  2. You have now had a good amount of your daily fruit and veg before the day has even started 😁

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