Weight Management

Many people struggle with their weight and end up yo-yo dieting throughout their whole lives.  They go on a calorie-controlled diet, lose a lot of weight only to put it back on again and more.  This is not an easy way to live and apart from being disheartening, can be really detrimental to ones health. 


There are many reasons why weight issues occur and can involve wrong food choices, overeating, a sedentary lifestyle, high intake of sugary drinks and alcohol, however, they can also include imbalances in our body systems such as blood sugar issues, hormone and detoxification issues as well as food intolerances. 


By investigating underlying causes and tailor making the programme to each individual, I provide support in addressing imbalances and managing weight loss long-term.  I may also recommend personal training alongside the weight loss programme, if agreed this can be arranged at several locations in London.



"Weight management needs to be simple, fun and achievable"