Stress Related Issue


Stress is literally the body’s way of reacting to any stressors either mentally, physically and / or emotionally.  Stress in small doses can be positive as it helps us be alert and prepared, however, if the stress becomes chronic, the body can become tense and overworked. 


Chronic stress can lead to symptoms such as sleep problems, gut issues, high blood pressure, blood sugar issues, hormone imbalance, mood disorders, fatigue and headaches and are often a contributing factor in conditions such as cardiovascular disease, depression, weight gain/loss, skin conditions, arthritis, inflammatory conditions as well as cancer.   


By providing my clients with tools for stress management, assisting with lifestyle issues, diet and generally improving patient health, many of these conditions can be improved or even reversed.

"Make the choice to identify the things that are causing stress in your life and change them.  It is possible to write your own script"
~ Tess