I offer 1:1 Nutritional Therapy consultations based on Functional Medicine. 


Prior to our initial consultation, I will ask you to complete and return a health and food questionnaire. Our initial consultation typically lasts 1h where we discuss your specific health concerns. 


I will evaluate your specific needs and create a personalized, effective and safe nutritional and lifestyle programme.  This may include recommendation for tests and / or supplements depending on your needs.  This will all be discussed and agreed in your consultation. 


At follow-up consultations (30-45 minutes), we will monitor your progress and continuously develop your programme.  Frequency and quantity of follow-ups depend on your health concern and will be discussed between us.

"The key to success is to intentionally design your environment to make it easy to do the right thing and create health" 
 ~ Mark Hyman, MD

Tel: +44 7949 081 659

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