Autoimmune Conditions


Autoimmune conditions include a variety of over 100 serious chronic health conditions affecting the endocrine, nervous, gastrointestinal systems as well as connective tissues, eyes, skin, blood and blood vessels. 


They are all the result of the body’s immune system becoming misdirected and instead of protecting starts attacking its own organs.  For various reasons women are more predisposed to autoimmunity with 75% of sufferers being female. 


Conditions include but are not limited to type 1 diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, coeliac, lupus and schleroderma, all which can cause serious health issues.  Other autoimmune conditions such as Hashimoto’s and Grave’s, both involving the thyroid gland, often go undiagnosed due to subtle onset and less than optimal diagnostic tests.


Although they may affect different organ systems and present with very different symptoms, autoimmune conditions often have several common threads uniting them, including genetics, inflammation, gut permeability as well as various environmental factors such as physical, chemical/toxins, infection and stress.  


Autoimmune conditions are often thought to be incurable, however, by focusing on the underlying causes, Nutritional Therapy may help reduce the occurrence as well as severity of autoimmune related attacks on the body’s tissues and thereby minimise symptoms.

"We are coming to understand health not as the absence of disease, but rather as the process by which individuals maintain their sense of coherence (i.e. sense that life is comprehensible, manageable, and meaningful) and ability to function in the face of changes in themselves and their relationships with their environment"
~ Professor 
Aaron Antonovsky