It doesn’t have to be complicated! I needed some energy before my early morning gym session so decided to blend watermelon with ginger and lemon, that's it!

A lot of the nutrients in lemons sit in the skin and just underneath the skin so by using organic unwaxed lemons you can use the whole fruit and reap all the health benefits. Normally I recommend eating water melon on its own as due to the type of sugar they contain they are digested very quickly compared to a lot of other foods, even fruits, however, adding some ginger and lemon is absolutely fine.

A large wedge of watermelon

1 inch ginger

1/2 unwaxed organic lemon

1. Blend and add ice cubes it desired.

While you are at it, why not make a big enough batch to have pre as well as post workout to fill up those glycogen stores.

I would highly recommend having a protein rich breakfast no later than 1 hour after your training session to help repair any muscle damage caused by the training.

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