Many people find quinoa rather bland tasting and yes it can be if all you do is boil it in water... by mixing it with vegetables and spices it will taste a lot better, promise.


Serves 4

320g Dry quinoa

1 Leek or red onion

2-3 Garlic cloves - minced / grated

1/2 Red Pepper

1 Stick of celery

4-6 Asparagus

4 Florets of broccoli

1/2-1 Inch of ginger, grated

1/4tsp Cayenne pepper

2-4 Large handfuls of fresh herbs

11/2-2 Limes, juice of

  1. Cook quinoa as per instructions on package. I also add slightly less than 1/2 gluten free stock cube to the water for 4 people.

  2. Separately fry off onions, grated garlic and ginger, when soft add celery and peppers followed by the other vegetables. Cook vegetables until still has a little bite.

  3. When all is cooked mix quinoa with vegetables mix.

  4. Depending on if you are going to eat it straight away or want to keep it to add to salads, you may like to let it cool off before adding heaps of chopped up fresh herbs, my favorites are coriander, mint and parsley but you could chose your own favourites.

  5. Finally, add lime juice to taste. Around 1 1/2 lemon for 4 people

Voila, you have something much tastier than some bland old quinoa! It is perfect as an addition to salads, as a side dish to a fish / chicken / meat dish or on its own with some added chickpeas.

NB. the above are just suggested vegetables, this works with any vegetables really so pick your favourites!

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