It’s starting to feel like porridge kind of weather.... This is a warming meal and is excellent for post exercise


1/2cup A mix of gluten free porridge and quinoa oat

1-1 1/2 cup Water

Pinch Salt

1/4 Courgette, grated

1tbsp Chia seeds

1tbsp Hemp protein powder

Handful Frozen blueberries

1tsp Lingonberry /acai / blueberry powder (optional)

  1. Mix quinoa flakes as well as gluten free oats with water, pinch of salt, then start adding in grated courgette, chia seeds, hemp protein powder, frozen blueberries and lingonberry powder until cooked.

  2. Finally top with your favourite toppings. Here I have seeds, papaya and bee pollen, if vegan leave bee pollen out.

NB. Lingonberry is similar to cranberry, quite tart and packed with vitamin C. I find porridge is a great vessel for adding in some superfood powders for that added nutrient kick, you could try baobab for more vitamin c, Lucuma for energy and a slightly sweet vanilla/malt flavor, similar for Maca. Cacao, liquorice.... Or perhaps make it green and add some matcha and spirulina for energy and detox? So many possibilities!

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