Home made NUT BUTTER, healthy and delicious!
Shop bought nut butters are often full of of added palm oil and other nasties. Why consume it when it is so easy to make your own healthier and tastier version? You can use a mixture of nuts or go for one variety, eiter way the finished product will be delicous. By using raw natural and organic nuts rather than roasted nuts, which you will find in many commercial brands, you will ensure that the nutrients will stay intact in the finished product.
Choosing walnuts will help increase your intake of omega 3 the anti-inflammatory essential fatty acid and consuming Brazil nuts will provide a good dose of selenium, a strong antioxidant which is vital for a strong immune system as well as healthy thyroid. Additionally adding flavourings such as cinnamon will help you with blood sugar balancing and turmeric can help strengthen your immune system further.
If you have a dehydrator, I would highly recommend soaking and dehydrating the nuts beforehand however, only soak the nuts if you can dehydrate them afterwards in either dehydrator or oven (at the lowest possible temperature for 12-24 h). If the nuts are soaked but not dehydrated the nut butter will go off very quickly. The soaking process helps the body digest the nuts better as well as absorb all their nutrients.
This particular recipe contains equal amounts of brazil, almonds and walnuts however, you can use your own favourites.

400g of nuts of your choice
pinch of sea salt / himalayan pink salt
Additional flavourings:
1tsp Ground cinnamon
1tsp Ground ginger
1tsp Ground turmeric
1tsp Ground nutmeg
1-2tsp Raw cacao
1/4-1/2tsp Cayenne pepper
1-2 tbsp raw honey, maple syrup
(NB. Cinnamon, ginger, turmeric and maple syrup is a lovely combination)
1. Add your nuts to a food processor or if you are lucky enough to own a Vitamix or other strong blender, use this.
2. Grind the nuts to a fine powder, this will be very quick in a Vitamix but can take 2-10 minutes in a food processor, depending on strength.
3. As you continue processing, the nuts will start releasing their own oil and the butter will start to come together. Continue until it becomes smooth and creamy, stop to scrape down the sides of the bowl every minute or two.
4. If you prefer a runnier consistency, you can add a tablespoon of coconut oil at this stage. I actually like my "butter" a little harder so do not process it for very long and do not add additional oil but everyone has their own preferences.
5. Finally add you choice of flavourings if any, taste and add more if required.
Delicious with a few slices of apple or celery for an nutritious afternoon snack!


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