This RAW CACAO PROTEIN SMOOTHIE is yum and perfect as a post workout drink.

For recovery purposes, you should ideally consume 10-20g of protein within 30 minutes of completing a hard training session. Reason being that particularly heavy resistance training increases the rates of both muscle breakdown and protein synthesis for up to 24 hours post workout. This is one of the reasons we develop sore muscles the next day. If we nurture our body correctly this can be the first stage of developing stronger muscles however, it can also result in the loss of muscle mass if we do not consume a source of protein during the recovery period. Protein is extremely important for assisting the repair of muscle fibre due to exercise as well as replenish depleted energy stores.

Packed with protein in the form of hemp protein powder and seeds to help rebuild and recharge those sore muscles, this smoothie is a great post-workout drink. Apple provides instant energy and replenishment of glycogen stores.

Cinnamon is fantastic for blood sugar control as it has an ability to mimic the affect of insulin by assisting glucose transport into our cells as well as promoting the production of stored energy in the form of glycogen in liver and muscle cells.

Raw cacao (it has to be raw, if you use processed cocoa powder, all the nutrients have been destroyed) contains large amounts of polyphenols, a form of antioxidants. These antioxidants also have the ability to counteract the effect of oxidative stress caused by a tough training session. Raw cacao is also high in various B vitamins, needed for energy as well as the minerals calcium and magnesium, both very important for muscle health and muscle contractions in particular.


1cup coconut water / filtered water

¼ cucumber

1-2tbsp hemp protein powder

2tbsp natural sunflower / pumpkin seeds

½-1tbsp raw cacao

1-2tsp cinnamon

1. Put all ingredients in blender and mix thoroughly.

2. If preferred colder, add ice towards the end

3. top up glass with extra ground cinnamon and cacao nibs for added flavour.


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