Rheumatoid Arthritis

"I started working with Tess after seeking alternative routes to managing (and easing the symptoms) of rheumatoid arthritis in my knees.  I had read about functional medicine practitioners and was keen to learn more as, after having been seen by both private and NHS doctors, my condition remained the same.  I was told after an MRI earlier that year that the next course of action would be for me to begin taking steroids to prevent further damage to my knees.  I wasn’t keen on this so decided to seriously look into alternatives which is where Tess came in.

I was fortunate that she was based near me although we’ve had all of our sessions via video call.  We decided this together because as a busy working mum of 2 fitting in time to travel to meet in person was just another thing to squeeze into a tight schedule.  It is no exaggeration to say that working with Tess on my health had a significant impact on my symptoms.  So much so that at my repeat MRI a year later the doctors found no further damage to my knee joints and it was obvious that the inflammation around my knees was much reduced.

Through managing my diet and the use of supplements I came to understand what was good for my system and what was impacting me negatively.  I am now in a position to understand cause and effect.  Tess took me through a careful elimination diet which helped me to understand what food caused particular symptoms and therefore were ones to avoid. She gave advice on meal plans, supplements to take, exercise and so much more.  I was able to lose weight and my overall wellbeing improved with better sleep and a general feeling of wellness.  Tess has a supportive but quietly assertive style which makes you want to take accountability for the goals you set for yourself.  She is very positive and often we talked about other things going on with me as she understood that all of it has an impact on wellness over all.

I am so glad I found Tess and can’t thank her enough for helping me make the progress I did.

~ Simi, London

Weight Loss and Stress Management

" Huge thanks to Tess who helped and guided me through my weight loss journey. I am a completely different person now from when I started seeing her.  I feel so comfortable with my body and my new habits that I almost cant believe it! My journey was a bit emotional too as I realised that I was eating when stressed or anxious and I was eating the wrong foods which caused me digestive issues. These issues were making me slower, tired, affected my skin, and with the unhealthy choices it all became a vicious circle. Tess was there all along, I never felt judged, she guided me through difficult times and I really appreciated that each time we met, I would come out really motivated to keep going. I lost over 5kg in the process of getting healthier.  Tess has given me the tools and knowledge to make the right choices and continue to maintain and improve my health. I could not be happier!!"

~ Andrea, London

Weight Loss and General Wellbeing


"I saw Tess for about 6 months and she’s been transformational to my life and wellbeing. It wasn’t just about the changes in what I ate but also her holistic approach to my lifestyle, such as exercise and general happiness through work, family and relationship. Not only I lost a stone but also gained in confidence, calmness and wellbeing. I stopped seeing her in 2017 but continued to follow her guidance and I never looked back. I couldn’t recommend Tess more – she didn’t give me a diet but a life changing program with lasting results."

~Francesca, London

Surgery Recovery

"I am truly grateful for the help you have given me getting me fit and well again following my hip surgery.  I am truly my old self again - and it's a joy to be able to do a full day's work without flagging.  I feel have learnt so much with your help And this will always be with me.  THANK YOU!"

~ Christine, Birmingham

Seronegative Inflammatory Arthritis

"From the beginning I had a very good experience working with Tess.  She was very sympathetic and compassionate when we had our initial meeting and immediately made me feel comfortable in her presence. After we started working together we had regular sessions every 2-3 weeks, in between those Tess would regularly check in with me and make sure I was okay.

Apart from being very knowledgable and attentive, she has a calming presence that, from the beginning, made me feel relaxed about the whole process.


Besides diet plans and website recommendations she also summarised everything we discussed during each session in a PDF, which I had and still have access to. Tess also helped me purchase vital supplements that helped reduce the inflammation in my body.

In my case my goals were to be pain and medication free, both I achieved during our journey together. I would highly recommend working with her as I’ve truly had an insight on the effects a healthy diet has on your mind and body.


Thank you so much Tess!"

~ Olivia, London 

Weight Loss post pregnancy

"With Tess’s guidance, I reached my goal of losing a stone in post pregnancy weight. Her knowledge and clever creative food suggestions coupled with her firm but fair style and ability to consider my lifestyle and adjust the programme accordingly, made the weight loss journey so much easier.  When it comes to falling off the wagon she gives clear guidance on how and when that is acceptable and how to do it without losing control. There is not much Tess does not know about health, nutrition and well-being.  She is fascinating to listen to and some of the information she shared I am sure I will carry with me for a long time to come.        

Highly recommended!"

~Sam, London

Hormone Balance

"I hope this finds you well. It’s been a long time! I just wanted to share some news with you. I am still doing your diet, almost two years after we started. It just feels like my way of eating and not like a diet anymore. I’m completely used to it. It has had massive health benefits and I have felt so well and healthy since doing it. And the most surprising thing of all is that I am pregnant! 


After more than 11 years and the doctors given up any hope it would ever happen. We obviously don’t know how it happened but I feel a big part of it was my diet as we were working on regulating my hormones. So a big thank you for everything you did for me. We are continuing to see the benefits."

~ Hannah, London